Conditions of Entry

1. Only Licenced Pilots with 50 P1 hours may enter

2. Competition Rules

* Will be based on current FAI Rules with amendments to suite local requirements
* Copy of Rules will be available for downloading off the BAFSA website or hard copies will be available at the General Briefing

3. Only fully completed applications will be considered for acceptance

4.Accepted entries will be confirmed electronically by : TBA

5. All aviation laws (as amended) will apply

6.Third Party Insurance is encouraged, but not mandatory – All flights and consequences thereof are the Pilot’s full responsibility.

7. The event organisers reserve the right to reject or accept any incomplete/non - compliant entries at their sole discretion and no correspondence will be entered into regarding incomplete entries.
Incomplete entries will be discarded.

8. The Pilot and any their crew members hereby indemnify BAFSA, Champ Marketing & Events, Newcastle Municipality and any other sponsor, the organising committee, its officers and agents from any responsibilities or accidents howsoever incurred - refer to Indeminity Agreement.

Event Sponsors