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  • 2nd Day Success

    The first day of the National Hot Air Balloon Championship in Newcastle KZN, will be remembered as a gust of wind. The morning flight could not take place due to strong and unstable winds. The afternoon flight was declared safe to fly. That change as the balloons prepared to airborne and took the balloons kilometers away from targets. Some balloons end up close to Ingogo town just outside Newcastle on a farm.

    This morning was a perfect day for flying and the public of Newcastle and supporters was woken by a colour full skyline of balloons.

  • Hot Air Balloons Colour Skies !

    Newcastle KZN, will be the host town for the 36th annual National Hot Air balloon Championship. Eleven balloons arrived in Newcastle from Tuesday afternoon to take part in the Championship.

    Mathijs de Bruin from Amsterdam, Netherlands arrived on Monday in Newcastle. He is well respected World wide in Hot Air balloon Circles. This will make the National Event in Newcastle in a World league of its own.

    The following competitors will take part in this years competition. Their balloon registration in brackets.

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